Why PTX Hats?

Quality design

All PTX headwear models are designed from the ground up with the end use in mind. Whether that is ensuring the right grip for an adventure cap or the right level of aeration and moisture wicking for a performance cap, we build each piece with an attention to detail that is uncompromising in the areas of performance and quality.

Quality decoration

If you are looking for something that transcends the quality level that you can find at most of the other hat vendors, you’ve come to the right place. Our designers carefully meld form and function together to create something that creates an emotion while meeting your needs. Our team has access to a whole slew of decoration techniques. For a list of available decoration methods, please visit decoration options.


From embellishments on the side or back, to private labeling, to being able to remove the top button for use with headsets or gear, you have much more flexibility to make it yours.


The quality we provide, combined with the service level is unheard of at the prices we offer.


Each of our overseas factory partners is WRAP certified to ensure ethical and responsible business standards. We verify compliance with occasional on-site checks. For more on WRAP, please visit: https://wrapcompliance.org/what-is-wrap/

What is included in the price?


You get a full-service hat concierge who is there to support you through the entire order process, making it as seamless and easy for you as possible.


Custom designed, free digital mockup and one free revision is included. Our in-house team of headwear designers is experienced and ready to make something special for you.


You get to select the hat style you like from our list of expertly engineered caps, along with an available color scheme.


Custom-designed front decorations are included along with one embellishment (side or front), and private labeling. You can also choose to remove the top button of the cap that is intended to be used with headphones or headgear. For a list of available decoration methods, please visit the decorations page.


Straight to your door delivery is included in the landed price.

Quality guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products, which is why we guarantee every single cap to be free of defects. For more on our quality guarantee, visit our home page.

Who can order from this site?

Anyone can order!

You don’t have to be a business big-wig to order from us (though we like them, too). Our mission is to bring professional-level wholesale hats to everyone. Request a quote here.

Right of refusal

Please, keep it clean (and legal)

PTX hats reserves the right to refuse to produce artwork for any reason, including (but not limited to): offensive material, sexual content, trademark infringement, non-ownership of intellectual assets, etc.